Understanding Fuel Supplier Procedures

Potential Buyers of fuels from manufacturers need to understand what they are looking for from a Buyer BEFORE engaging in any transaction.  This will ensure a successful lift and minimize the possibility of failure.

  1. Pricing is “refinery direct” and is not connected to Platts, which is based upon “traders’” prices.
  2. These refineries have been in business for years (one since 1949) and have successfully delivered fuels of all types for decades.
  3. Manufacturers have a massive investment in their fuels through refining, transporting, and storing them at the major ports around the world, so they expect Buyers to make a similar investment prior to transferring fuel to them.
  4. Thus, manufacturers do NOT PROVIDE PROOF OF PRODUCT (POP) FOR FREE.  Buyers must demonstrate an INVESTMENT in the ability to RECEIVE fuel prior to receiving POP in a transaction, REGARDLESS OF PROCEDURE.
  5. These investments are paid to 3rd party logistics providers, NOT to the manufacturers themselves (except in cases of tank extensions).  Manufacturers take no fees and only make money by SELLING FUEL.
  6. This policy favors Buyers with currently rented tanks, which is a de facto demonstration of an investment in the ability to receive fuel once POP is approved.
  7. Manufacturers’ Procedures CANNOT be changed in any way.  DO NOT ATTEMPT to negotiate the Procedure once a transaction starts.  This will ONLY lead to cancellation.
  8. If you EXPECT problems during a transaction, you will certainly find one.  This will terminate an otherwise good transaction.  Do your DD BEFOREHAND.

Procedures are like train tracks.  If you stay on the rails, you get to your destination.  If you go OFF them, you become a Train Wreck.  Don’t be a Train Wreck!

Finally:  An ICPO is literally the beginning of an ORDER.  It is NOT an opportunity to NEGOTIATE the Procedure.  It is assumed that you have done your Due Diligence on the manufacturer and that you are ready to TRANSACT.  MAKE SURE you UNDERSTAND what is required of you in any given Procedure and you will receive Proof of Product at the appropriate point IN the Procedure and NOT beforehand.