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Dragon Closes a 5.625% Rental Loan In CA

Dragon Realty Capital, a Florida based direct private money lender, recently closed a small loan on a non-owner occupied residence in Northridge, CA. The property was free and clear at the time of the loan request and the borrower received $295,000 in cash out at a fixed rate of 5.625% on a 30 year fully amortized basis.

Besides the low fixed rate and unrestricted cash out, the other unique features of this loan were that it was:

  1. Underwritten with NO income documentation on the part of the borrower and
  2. Allowed a 90% Debt to Income Ratio on the property’s income and expenses.

The loan closed in 18 days, mostly because there was a delay on the part of the borrower in getting the funds to the appraiser. Had their been higher market rents, Dragon could have gone all the way to 80% LTV.

Dragon Realty Capital provides commercial, multifamily, and non-owner occupied residential loans nationwide. Brokers are protected. For more information on loan offerings, please go to www.DragonRealtyCapital.com or call 888-578-5441 x81.