For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Q:  What are your Guarantees or Return/Refund policies on your Mortgage Broker Products?

A:  Dragon Realty Capital guarantees your absolute satisfaction and has a complete refund policy if you’re not satisfied with our products.

Q:  How do you deliver your products?

A:  All Dragon Realty Capital products are delivered at the time you order them via download.  Video courses are delivered by granted access to the specific videos page through an email to you giving you the password to the page.

Q:  Are Brokers protected?

A:  Yes!  We protect all of our brokers on transactions submitted to DRC.  The best way to ensure your protection is to submit your loan with our Broker Documentation Workbook as your broker information is contained within it and associated with the client for that transaction.  We also put the Broker Fee and Company Name into our Conditional Approvals (LOIs) and Commitment Letters (CLs).

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