How to ‘Care’ for Clients in the Social Media Age

Today more than ever, we must increasingly focus on reaching out to our clients in a meaningful and relationship building way.  So how do we do this in the best method possible, during an age when communication has become completely digitized, and the speed at which we communicate with one another is now faster than ever?  The reality is, there are significant challenges to maintaining excellent ‘Care’ for our clients in the Social Media Age.

So, who do we need to focus on in order to maintain consistent ‘Client Care?’

  1. Referral Contacts are key.  Referrals are golden opportunities, and require significant and consistent follow up.
  2. We must have a system in place to keep tabs on referrals and grow our referral networks as quickly and expansively as possible.
  3. It is essential that we become an expert resource for our clients, and extend that expertise to our referral base, while at the same time running the day to day of our businesses, and doing what we love.
  4. And lastly, we must take better ‘Care’ of our clients than our competitors could ever dream of.

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Well, it is.  But the fact of the matter is that if we don’t keep up and get in front of client ‘Care,’ by setting the bar of expectations for our clients ourselves, we will find our competitors setting the bar of expectations for them instead.

So, how do we resolve this challenge?  We look for solution. And the Good News is I’ve found one.  Read closely because what follows are the key components you need to tackle this very issue.  I have found a network that will:

  • Build your bank of referral sources for Client Care rapidly and measurably.
  • Help you position yourself as the “Expert” in your field among your clients, distinguishing you from your competitors.
  • Put you in front of your client referral sources regularly andautomatically.
  • Build a Fence” around your client referral sources that your competition will be unable to penetrate.

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How to Nurture Your Warm Leads Effectively

The ultimate goal for any business is reach its highest best potential  and connect meaningfully with Referral Contacts, but fact is, we do face some real challenges as professionals in business for ourselves:

What so you really need to know to nurture your warm leads effectively?

  1. How to engage with your customers and prospects with ease and efficiency
  2. How to engage your contact sources and position yourself as the expert
  3. How to promote relationships consistently using referral sources so you can get on with doing what you do best
  4. How to keep your competition at bay

And the Good News is… you’re looking at the solution. I have found a network that will:

  • Build your bank of referral sources rapidly and measurably.
  • Help you position yourself as the “Expert” in your field, distinguishing you from your competitors.
  • Put you in front of your referral sources regularly and automatically.
  • Build a Fence” around your referral sources that your competition will be unable to penetrate.

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“When” To Ask For A Referral

Most people ask the wrong question when it comes to getting referral business.  They typically as “HOW do I ask for a referral?”  I will cover that topic in another post.  However, right now I want to address the more important question:  “When?”

How often have you been to a networking meeting or business mixer and you see the “Master Networker” walk up to somebody new, shove his card in the new person’s face, and say something like:  “Hi, I’m Joe Networker.  I’m the BEST Widget Fixer in Los Angeles, with the BEST prices, and the BEST service EVER!!!  If you know anybody who needs his Widget Fixed, please refer me!”

Yes … I feel your pain.

I’ll dissect his approach in the aforementioned future post, but for now I think you would agree with me that your first meeting with someone is NOT the best time to ask for a referral.  And here are some other “NOT” best times (although they do get better through the progression).

  • After your first email.
  • At your first coffee meeting.
  • After your first Newsletter.
  • At your first visit to his or her office.
  • After your third newsletter.
  • At your first business lunch or breakfast (you’re getting warmer, though).

No, the BEST time to ask for a referral is after you have given your potential referral source a referral of your own.”  It doesn’t HAVE to be a good one, although that would be best.  You are showing your source trust by offering up one of YOUR clients.  NOW is the time to be asking for a referral back.

By this time, you are their long, lost brother or sister … and they trust YOU.

Now that you know “when,” I’ll cover “how” and Mr. Joe Networker, in my next post.

Referral Source Marketing

Hello, and welcome to We are a business focused on helping you to market yourself more effectively to Referral Sources. Why “referral sources” and not directly to potential clients?  There are several reasons to choose marketing to a referral source rather than directly to a potential client.

  1. Repeatability:  A good referral source will send you multiple potential clients over your working lifetime together.  If the referror is in a position to advise clients concerning your particular business service and he/she trusts you to perform your service well (making the referror look good in the process), the potential stream of clients is effectively endless.
  2. Pre-sold Clients:  The real value of a referred client is that he/she is highly unlikely to shop for other providers of your service.  Why?  Because that client has done business with the referral source (usually for years) and trusts that person.  That trust is automatically transferred to you as a result of the referral.
  3. No Competition:  This is really a corollary of #2.  Because of the trust conveyed  through the referral source, competitors are usually shut down immediately.  It’s almost as if they have a shield around them, keeping your competition away.
  4. Secondary Referrals:  Clients who are referred and who are satisfied with your service are much more likely to refer you to their peers than clients who come to you directly.  Again, why?  Because they came to you from a trusted source and that trust expands outward.

If you don’t have a referral source marketing strategy in place, I strongly suggest you put one together.  If you would like help in that process either download our FREE Special Report:  “How to Automate Your Referral Marketing.”  Or contact us and let us help you begin marketing today.