Single Family Rental

Dragon Realty Capital offers fully amortizing permanent loans on non-owner occupied single family properties in most states.   These loans offer a variety of fixed rate terms and documentation choices.  Features of these loans include:
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  1. Borrower signed 1003.
  2. Borrower driver’s license.
  3. Borrower credit report.
  4. Borrower liquidity statements (6X monthly expenses).
  5. Management Experience Form or substitute docs.
  6. Evidence of Insurance (Liability, Hazard & Rent Loss).
  7. Borrowing Entity documentation.
  8. Existing Lease (refinances, only).
  9. Current Tax Bill.
  10. Purchase & Sale Agreement OR
  11. Recent Mortgage Statement/Payoff Demand.
  12. Preliminary Title Report.
Click:  DRC, Residential Rental Application Package


Loan Size:  $150,000 to $2,000,000 (we will consider loans greater than $2MM on a case-by-case basis).

Property Types:  1 to 4 unit SFRs, PUDs (warrantable & non-warrantable), condos, and un-leased purchases.

LTV:  Up to 80%, subject to DTI limits.

Amortizations:  30 Year, Fully Amortizing; 3 Year I/O & 27 Year Fully  Amortizing, or 5 year I/O & 5 Year Fully Amortizing.

Debt Service Coverage:  Up to 90% DTI.

Minimum FICO*:  As low as 650!

Prepayment Penalties
:   3 year declining

:  Investment Only

Recourse:  Full Personal

Eligible Borrowers
:  U.S. Citizens, Resident Aliens, Foreign Nationals (will require higher liquidity), & Legal Entities

Eligible Markets**
:  Urban & Suburban in primary, secondary and tertiary markets

:  $1,495 Administration, Processing & Underwriting
*Credit score requirements vary across programs, affecting LTV, rate, and points charged.
**Not all programs are available in all states.
Note:  Rates and loan programs can change without notice.

Click:  DRC, Residential Rental Application Package